From Florida, from Washington; to Yellowstone, to matrimony.

Currently: College Station, Texas


Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Ally, and I am the owner of all things The Divine Thyme.  I am a wife, a mother, an artisan, a homemaker, and a child of the Almighty God.  I write because I love to, and I hope you'll love reading along.  My hope is that through my writing I can celebrate the Lord and His creations, and bring others closer to Him.  In my blog you will find the tidbits and stories that make up our lives.  Enjoy!

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More about us:

The handsome husband and I met on the way to Yellowstone National Park, where we had big flirty smiles for each other.  We were married for time and eternity nine months and one day later.  We spent some time in Provo, Utah, and slowly made our way to College Station, Texas where we are now.  We have one angel baby, and are hoping for more children to come our way.  We love chocolate chip cookies, Wes Anderson films, babies, being Earth-friendly, and getting outside.

We dream of owning a homestead in the Northwest, where we'll unschool our (plentiful) kiddos and learn how to be more self-sufficient.  Due to the part they play in our love story, we also fancy visiting all of the National Parks, and toting our brood along with us.